Gifu Shirt Project

The shirt makes the man.

Sense the theory,
impact, and value
behind a truly superb shirt.

Stretch out your arms.
Push them through the sleeves.
Feel the material, the shape, the texture.
One shirt to get you through the day.

The shirt you choose matters.

About Gifu Shirt

AboutAbout Gifu Shirt

The Gifu Shirt Project: making summertime cooler.
The standard business shirt reinvented. Inspired by Oda Nobunaga’s battle coat and made with Mino washi paper.
Our Story

Our StoryOur Story

Weaving history and community with tradition and vision
Gifu is one of Japan’s top textile-producing cities. In order to make business shirts that could be worn without a necktie in summer, four apparel companies in Gifu put their specialized knowledge and expertise together, and through trial and error, they developed a yarn from Mino washi paper that only a textile-focused city could have come up with. A variety of products have now been developed by combining new technology with Mino washi paper, a material used in traditional crafts.
Textiles, Gifu City’s Primary Industry

Culture / IndustryGifu City Culture and Tradition

Textiles, Gifu City’s Primary Industry
Gifu flourished as a castle town and a market for free trade when Oda Nobunaga occupied Gifu Castle 450 years ago. Gifu is famous for its fans and lanterns made from Mino washi paper, and for important intangible folk cultural assets designated by the government, such as cormorant fishing on the Nagara River. Gifu’s ready-made clothing industry (apparel industry) got its start near Gifu Station, a neighborhood that had been devastated by the war. At one point, the street was lined with dozens of barracks from which northern Manchuria (northeastern China) returnees collected and sold used clothing and military uniforms. Before long, the commercial activity here shifted from merely selling used clothing to buying fabric from Ichinoyima and Hashima and making new clothing to sell. The textile industry flourished in conjunction with post-war development, and numerous apparel companies were soon formed.

Our Products

Gifu knit tie

Gifu knit tie

Finished with Mino Washi thread, it has the perfect touch and coolness even in summer.
We use a knitting machine "WHOLEGARMENT" that reduces yarn loss as an eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing.

Gifu Polo Shirt

Gifu Polo Shirt


The iconic fold of the collar and the simple opening are elegant and impressive. The shirt feels cooler thanks to the back collar made from a single piece of fabric, and the 63% washi blend wicks away water and dries quickly to prevent stickiness. (Processed to be antimicrobial and deodorizing.)

2020 Gifu Mask / Paper Shield

2020 Gifu Mask / Paper Shield

The dark, calming blue color gives it a Japanese look. Features the smooth texture of washi yarn and a double-layered design with gauze on the inside. (Processed to be antimicrobial and deodorizing.)

2020 Gifu Hand Towel

2020 Gifu Hand Towel

A reasonably priced hand towel. Enjoy the pleasant feel of washi yarn.

2020 Gifu Bath Towel

2020 Gifu Bath Towel

A wrap-around bath towel. This luxurious product lets you feel the texture of washi yarn all over your body. Great gift item.

Past Designs

  • 2019 Design
    2019 Design
    In 2019, we announced a collaboration with Gemo’s, an Italian shirt manufacturer. Gifu craftsmanship — designed and manufactured with Mino washi paper, Gifu textile technology, and Italian fashion sensibilities.
  • 2018 Design
    2018 Design
    In 2018, we announced a product in collaboration with FC Gifu, a pioneer of professional sports in Gifu.
  • 2016 Design
    2016 Design
    Our 2016 design was revealed at feel Nippon, part of the Gift Show held in Tokyo. It was a collaborative effort with the Gifu apparel industry adopting the use of Mino washi paper. The result was a 100% Mino washi product!

This project is a part of the Gifu Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Brand Promotion Program.


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